Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes.

Microsoft Imagine is simple: it’s all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so that students can chase their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology – or just get a head start on their career.

Microsoft Imagine helps educators teach the latest technologies and experiment in research. Microsoft knows that to make learning more motivating, relevant, and engaging for today’s students requires a diverse set of resources. Microsoft Imagine gives educators the resources to ensure their classrooms always have the latest technologies to challenges, motivate, and keep students engaged in new ways.


CityU Microsoft Imagine Premium WebStore


City Unity College is pleased to announce to its faculty members and students that we participate in the Microsoft Imagine Premium Program. This allows access to the Microsoft Imagine Developer tools and a variety of software titles that is limited for instructional purposes and learning and personal use.

All current CityU students & faculty are automatically enrolled in the Microsoft Imagine Premium program and can access the entire software catalog by following the guidelines that have been sent to everyone via email or browse to the Microsoft Imagine page on our Intranet.



How can I download and install software?

The End User License Agreement (EULA) will be presented to you, which you must understand and agree to, if you are to proceed.

At the end of your order, click on the “Download” link and you will be taken to the download page – click on the button to Download and install your software.

A Downloader window will open. Click on Save File (NOT Run). The downloader saves to the C:\temp folder by default, so make sure you redirect it to a different location.
If your software requires a serial number or activation code, it will be displayed on the order confirmation page. If you have downloaded the software over the Internet, product keys will also be available by clicking on the “My Software” link and then on “Download” under “Delivery Type”.

Make sure you BURN and NOT COPY the file to the CD

By burning the file to a disk as a data disk (Copy), you will simply end up with an .ISO file on the disk, which cannot be used for the installation. The ISO file needs to be burned to a disk specifically as an image instead of a data disk, and will extract the ISO into the required setup files.
Make sure that your burning software is set to select the image file with an .ISO extension. Roxio and Nero are programs that can burn from ISO images, but with Nero you must make sure you have the latest version or your installation will fail towards the end of the install process when you try to install from the burned CD. Additional disk burning programs are available for free download from different online sources.


Some Products will save as .IMG files instead of .ISO. All you need to do is simply rename the file as .ISO. If Windows warns you that by “changing a file’s extension, the file may become unusable”, just click “YES”.

When will I obtain the key of a downloaded software?

When you download your product, your Key will be displayed in the download process and will be also sent to you via e-mail. So you can the email and the product key for later use. Be sure that you save the key and you don’t lose it.

How many software keys can I get?

Every student is entitled with only one Key per product. We can’t change the amount of Keys that you can get, due to Microsoft’s policy.

How do I retrieve a lost or forgotten Password?

From the CityU Microsoft Imagine Premium WebStore click Sign In on top right side of the page. On the next screen there will be a link saying “Forgot your password?”. Click on the link, enter your Username and click submit. Your username is CityU e-mail address. You will receive an email to setup your new password. If you get a message that the username is invalid, contact us (at Remember, accounts are not automatically created.

Where do I find lost keys?

Login to CityU DreamSpark Premium WebStore and you should see “My Software List” (if not click “My Software” on the left hand side). Click on the Download link for the appropriate software, the product key is listed under “Serial Number”.

Password was never received or forgotten

If you registered and you didn’t received an email to verify your account and continue the registration, please contact us (at in order to resend you the verification email, so you can finish your registration.

How do I register?

In order to obtain an Microsoft Imagine account, you must be a currently enrolled CityU student.

Step 1: Click here to go to the Register Page.

And click on the “Register” button.


Step 2: At the next page, enter your “” or “” email address and click the “Continue” button.


Step 3: An email message has been sent to verify your CityU email address. Check your Inbox for your confirmation email. Click on the link in order to continue with your registration.

The link will look like this:


Step 4: After clicking the link, you will be directed to fill your personal information. Please enter your First Name, Last Name and a password that you will remember. You can select a different username, but we suggest that you keep your email address as your username so you won’t forget it.


Step 5: That’s it! Welcome to CityU’s Microsoft Imagine Premium WebStore.